Why I believe in God


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I hope y’all good.

If you’re new to my blog, thank you for stopping by and as always I’m grateful to my readers who find time to just take a minute and read my post.

Today I want to talk about why I believe in God. The post of today is inspired by a video that I was making to a group of friends explaining  why I believe in the existence of God and I thought I should also do an article of it.

I’ve often had people say to me that they don’t believe in God because they’ve never been given any reason to believe in such a being.

We cannot prove for certain the existence of God, but I believe why the belief in God is reasonable.

Some people ask, how do we know that God exists if He is invisible?

We know that God exists because He affects everything around us and He is always at work even though we can’t see Him. Just as the existence of the phone or the computer demonstrates that there is someone who invented it, so the world in all its beautiful complexity points to the existence of a creator, God.  Wow, this statement is just mind-blowing. I mean, how do you even explain the existence of the universe? Nothing science has discovered explains the existence of the universe.

Secondly, We have the capability to love and forgive our enemies. It is understandable and acceptable to hate your enemy, but we have the ability to bestow love and forgiveness. God has the power to affect you in a way that you’re able to forgive and love those who wronged and hurt you. Why? because HE FIRST LOVED AND FORGAVE YOU, so at many times You will have this strong desire to forgive your enemy.

Thirdly, believing in God for me is like breathing air, you take Him away, and I am as good as dead. My God is a beautiful idea, He is the reason as to why we exist, why I can get up in the morning and fight for my dreams, He is my biggest support system, my greatest strength and the light of my path.

Believing in God is fulfilling and sustaining. This is true bliss, and for those who have found it are lucky.

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As always love and love.


Youtube Channel Intro


Well Hello there!

First, thank you & welcome to my blog post. I am extremely happy to be back and if you’ve noticed I have been MIA for quite some time now, so bear with me.

I just wanted to give you all an intro to our youtube channel and how Smith and I decided to embark on this soon to be journey.

Smith, the naturally charming bubbly guy that he is, said that we should get on youtube, I the naturally outgoing girl I am, accepted.

After weeks of back and forth, we finally decided to start this brilliant idea of a co-dependent youtube channel. We felt like we hit gold.

We will probably venture out eventually and begin discussing/recording different types of content, but for now, we are over the moon excited to get started and have fun! It’s been so hard keeping this news to myself and I’m so happy to finally share this with you! please know that it’s all thanks to you-your astounding support and love-that got me where I am now. I will always remember it. And I hope to give you more encouraging posts and uplift your Spirits in Christ and more interesting contents that you can fall in love with in the future.

When the videos are finally out, please make us smile by subscribing and giving it a thumbs up and sharing it with others. Thank you.

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” Don’t break the chain”

I was going through one of my daily Medium emails and I came across this post above.  The article went on about how we don’t need to have motivation in order to work. sometimes the motivation builds when you get started.


This is something I am guilty of and I’m pretty sure that most of us are guilty of it too.

Sometimes I lack the motivation and inspiration to write so I keep on postponing.

let me ask you, how many times have you said ”I’ll do this tomorrow”

”I’ll do it later”

”I am going to try that later, not now”

I have never seen procrastination as a problem until I came across this saying, Procrastination is the thief of time. 

When you Procrastinate, It is like your telling God ‘the time you have given me now is not important let’s see how tomorrow works’.

From the beginning of the year, I promised myself that I will be waking up as early as 4.30 AM, listen to worship and praise music as I do a few exercises for my back. I can’t count how many times I have been postponing these sessions. As a result, I keep complaining about my back pain which could easily be cured by a few exercises.

See, a lot of times, we have so many ideas but we are prolonging even beginning because sometimes it appears so difficult to achieve and we can’t see the finished project.

How many times have you postponed;

Taking a vacation?

Going for a date?

Opening a business?

Finishing that project?

Ironically, we ask God, why is it taking so long ? or why have I not achieved that yet? why am I left behind?

Truth is, we are the ones DELAYING OURSELVES. We are our own enemies of progress.

Some of us is due to laziness, or you have issues seeing what’s ahead that your only focus is what is closer to the date.

some of us are quick to start but slow to finish. Other times we have so much to accomplish that we get overwhelmed and do nothing at all.

Whichever category you fall under, you must break this vicious cycle of Procrastination. For you have been given now. No one is promised tomorrow.

Today, I urge you to take a step forward and write down a list of things that you’ve convinced yourself to ‘do later’ and surprisingly, you will see the life goals that have been postponed for later.

Create a ritual to go with the activity. or rather plan out your day, whichever steps that you take. Just make sure that you get it done.

This is where routines come in handy — to eliminate the decision-making process and decide not only when you’ll do something, but also the exact steps.

Say you want to publish a new blog post but can’t muster the motivation to get started. Commit to completing just one paragraph each day until it’s done.

Decide what you want to accomplish and get it done.

And remember do not break the chain above.

Yours Truly,

Love and Love.







Gracefully BROKEN

creative_cute-love-wallpapers-downloadPicture courtesy of google.

I took some time to think about my first blog this year…

I entered 2019 with a grateful heart. We survived 2018’s tide’s that brought about frustrations, pain, bitterness, unaccomplished goals etc. But we overcame it all. It’s a blessing, right?

I thought of starting this post by explaining why my blog is called Gracefully broken.

I believe we are all broken. something or someone broke us, loss of a loved one, an ugly breakup, rejection, frustration etc. But mine is a kind of different Broken. let me explain.

I believe that for me to reach the level I am at, God had to break me.

Stay with me.

You see, no matter how much God loves us, no matter what He wants to do for us or how earnestly He seeks to bless us, He cannot do anything with a person who closes his heart in pride, refusing to bend and break. He consistently works to bring us to a point of brokenness. 

Then He begins His gentle work of rebuilding, renewing, and restoring. He will build you up to the person He desires you to be. Going through that process means he will strip you of every misplaced dependency.

You will never know what God has in store for you if you do not allow Him to bring you to a point of brokenness. It’s scary, I know, but remember;

God will break you to position you
He will break you to promote you
And break you to put you in your right place
But when He breaks you He doesn’t hurt you,
When He breaks you He doesn’t destroy you, He does it with; grace


I leave it here for Today. Have a happy and blessed 2019.

oh and remember to listen to Tasha Cobbs song GRACEFULLY BROKEN.

Thank you for reading.


Love and love.


I would tell Her this…..


Sometimes I try to write, but words prove Elusive! wah.


Earlier on today on my facebook page, I shared a post expressing on how I felt like I’m rewriting history. How I can’t stop ruminating my past too much. Mind you, that was just a random post.

To be honest, that actually got me thinking. Me. How have I been living my life this year? I’ve been thinking about it from all angles. And if my memory serves me well, am not happy about this year. Man! I’ve faced so many challenges I wonder how I survived.

I kind had to take a step back and look at myself in the mirror and I went like what can I do to change my past? I realized I can’t rewrite and definitely not change it.

I recently read a post that went on like this It’s not always easy being vulnerable, but I hope that someone will be encouraged to trust and hope in the Lord who is able to write a beautiful story out of someone’s dark past. 

Wow, that really touched me right there and then.

Lately, I’ve been a roller coaster of emotions. Angry, easily irritable, sad and lonely. Strangely. Out of no reason.  Then it hit me, I’ve been comparing my past and now. Like I’m extra social, making new friends is like a hobby, but I’ve been betrayed so many times by my so “called friends” to a point, if I happen to strike friendship, my first thought goes like ah probably this person will betray me like the rest, so I build this wall of not allowing people in. (Yes trust issues alert).

But do I want to bring this baggage along with me in 2019? definitely NO!

So If I could go back and talk to my previous me, I would tell her this,

These moments are for you. only for you. To live young, wildly and free, to live unapologetically, to discover and explore, to fulfill yourself, make new friends and as many as you can, to set on a quest to love yourself and wait for no one.Relish in your freedom and never forget these moments.

Thank you for reading


Love and love





A million Little Things



I try to wrangle on my everyday activities, and one of my biggest questions is what can I do every day to make the biggest difference?  This is important especially to figure out so that I can maximize my time and effort in the right place.

I have ever mentioned here before that I am fun of watching Tv series. And once in a while, I like talking about the current show that I’m watching and how it positively illuminates my thinking.

If you observe children, you will realized that they are overjoyed by just water touching their feet, eating sweets, jumping into the pool and other small  things .

As adults, however we concentrate on making big things happen. Building houses, buying cars etc we often forget that life is made up of little things.  A smile goes a long way, simple act of gratitude, helping someone who is need, holding the door open for someone behind is an act of courtesy.

Like me, I often long for the weekend and I fail to enjoy the week which is filled with a lot of beautiful though small little things. A simple word of gratitude, compliments, a smile, a hug, a kind word, a cheer and the wake of dawn. But often we choose to discuss how we are overworked, how rude our bosses are, how someone was ungrateful. Yes, those acts do spoil the moment but best get over it and move on.

The tv show that I am currently watching is called A Million Little Things.

It has made me realise that Little things are infinitely important.

The tv show revolves around four friends who untimely and suddenly lose one of their best friend and it’s a wake-up call for them to finally start living.

It’s an optimistic look at how the loss of a friend is the impetus for the other seven to finally start living, to make a promise to him and to themselves to finally be honest about what’s really going on. I know in my own life, my friend’s passing is a constant reminder to keep things in perspective. By

It’s also a wake-up call for me, to start living to appreciate the everyday little things that life offers because eventually, these little things make a huge difference.

It’s a bout keeping track of the small intimate moments that prepare you for the big things.

A million little things is definitely an inspiration for me.  That an act of kindness can change someone’s life, Reading a book and enjoying every moment as I turn the page, Laughing out loud and enjoying the feeling, watching one of my favorite tv shows as I cuddle myself up  in bed, appreciating the friendships that I hold dear, drinking a cup of coffee just the way I like it, spending more time giving.  etc.

Moreover, accepting that I am not in control of my life. God is. To love Him and be grateful.

Life is made up of a Million little things.

What are the little things that light up your life?

Kindly share below on the comment box.

As always,

Love and love





happy-black-woman-dancing-chair-front-background-47558616Howdy, my people,

Thank you for stopping by,

I hope y’all doing fine. I am great, I thank God for His love and mercy that endureth forever. It is by His grace that I am alive.

Who else hates Mondays? raise your hand🙋 (lol) Mondays are just a reminder of how long the week is, but again it’s a new start, to try something new and be a better version of you, feel me?

So last Friday for the first time in a long time, I decided to try something new.

So my second best decided “hey, why don’t we go out today“.

and I went like “ah sure why not”. 

If you know me well, you’d know that I don’t club. Like clubbing is a no-no for me. But I decided to let my guard down and let loose.

The moment we step into the club I felt like an alien. Like I don’t belong. That was not my place. What was I doing there anyway? but guess what? I stayed. I wanted to understand why people choose to go to this kind of places. I wanted to feel it first hand. Yes, I’ve heard all sort of various reasons, but hey, experience is the best teacher, right?

The place had good music, the kind that makes you get up on your feet and pull weird moves.  The crowd was electric. The scene was too exciting to watch. There was all sort of different things happening at the same time. There were people who were two left feet, but there were equally good dancers. Others flirting and teasing. Others just talking and laughing. Others laughing and giggling. While others were busy hunting.

For a moment the place could easily make you forget about your troubles and worries, the sad part is,  it’s just temporary and not worth it.

That was definitely not my place. I CAN NEVER FIT IN.

Thank you for reading

Love and love










Letter to my Niece(Zyana)


Wow, it’s already my Nieces birthday, it’s amazing how time flies.

I remember when you were born, I came to live with my sister. Honestly, at first I was a little worried- I felt like you were coming to steal my sisters love away from me…(lol that was so selfish) But when I laid my eyes on you for the very first time, everything else changed,You were the most gorgeous piece of baby that I have ever laid my eyes on, and there on I fell in love with the little beautiful tiny you.


I remember your first baby step, your mum was busy in the kitchen cooking and your dad and I were in the living room, I was busy playing with you while your dad was watching tv, then suddenly, You made your first step without anyone’s help, you walked across the living room and I couldn’t believe it, your dad saw it too and he screamed calling your mum to come and see. We wished we had our cameras on to just capture it!

Then as time went by, you started calling me by my name. You mastered my name before anyone else(it was so sweet, with your small little voice calling me Lucy) Just being around and watching you grow into this amazing little girl was so profound. I fell in love with you each and every day.


When am around you, you and your little sister make me forget all of my problems and worries, I become this care-free person and we would jump on top of the bed, scream around the house as we play(and annoy your mum, lol) take pictures and just sit and listen to you as you narrate to me stories sometimes I find hard to quite understand(haha).

Even though I was not there to celebrate your birthday, I want you to know that you hold a special piece of my heart.


I pray that you spend your days laughing and smiling. There’s so much goodness in your heart and I don’t want you to stop sharing with others. I know that you will take the reigns and change the world, my queen.

I pray, that you never forget who you are, and who you were meant to be.

I pray that you continue growing into a God fearing woman, a woman who is after God’s own heart. You experience real peace and joy as you follow God in every area of your life.

Hard times will come, but that’s okay, they come to teach you to be stronger, confident and fierce. I have faced harder times myself, but with the help and advice that I seek from your mum and dad, I have come out stronger. Your lucky to have them as your parents! they are fun and charming to be around with.

Thank you for making me a better person every single day. Right after you were born, I realized that I had to be strong for you. I can’t be anything less than an amazing aunt to you. I hope to show you what real love is, what a happy and respectful relationship is, why having a relationship with God is so important, and why you should always be good to yourself. While I will mess up and fail at times, I know that your little self is learning from me and growing alongside of me.

I hope you know how much I love you now and how much I will always love you. I will always be here to wipe your tears away, hold your hand, and help you to see how beautiful of a little girl God made you to be. I am the luckiest of aunts to have you. I can’t wait to watch you grow and turn into the beautiful and amazing young woman I know you will be! ~oddessey~

I know that you will read these one day!

Happy birthday baby girl.

Sending you Love.















The Bold Type



Am the Movie and series type person. My world almost revolves around watching movies and series, its one of the things people call “hobbies”. But I want to talk about a particular series that I’ve been watching and it got me intrigued.  The series centers on three friends. These girls live outrageous life, as they seek to find their voice, identity, and fashion. What caught my eye is how courageous they are at everything they do.

And this got me thinking, “courage”, what is courage? One thing  I never forget to mention in my Resume is Courage. But truth be told when things go heyway, am the first to take a turn and run. Instead of courageously facing my fears, I choose to run.  So courage is one of the words people like mentioning but when its time to act it, well you can guess…

Anyway, back to the series, one of the ladies who happen to be a magazine writer and journalist is fired from her job which, obviously leaves her frustrated.  She’s unsuccessful at finding a job so instead she settles with freelancing. It’s not easy for her, and she doesn’t believe that she can do it on her own. I mean I do understand her when you’re so used to getting a pay cheque every month and you wake up one day and boom, its all gone. The series continues as she struggles to get back on her feet.

I see so much potential in her, its crazy I know cuz dah! its just a movie, people are acting, but allow me to take it at a reality context, and I think its safe to say that she can start her own Media House.

Where am I getting at with all these? all I can say is that am glad am watching this amazing series that got to remind me that Courage, potential, and believing in yourself is key to achieving your dreams.  When things don’t go the way we expect them to, all we do is wallow in self-pity.

Be reminded, that there’s so much potential in you, God instilled in us so much more than we can imagine. We’re all uniquely blessed with talents and great minds. It’s up to us to seek and search and you shall find.

Like one of my greatest motivational speakers and author said that

“The wealthiest place in the world is not the gold mines of South America or the oil fields of Iraq or Iran. They are not the diamond mines of South Africa or the banks of the world. The wealthiest place on the planet is just down the road. It is the cemetery. There lie buried companies that were never started, inventions that were never made, bestselling books that were never written, and masterpieces that were never painted. In the cemetery is buried the greatest treasure of untapped potential.” MILES Munroe.

Choose not to live without a purpose.

choose to see things on a brighter side, even in the middle of storms, things can still work out for your good.

Ask yourself how many gifts are stored up within you, that are waiting to be tapped into, that can help you become a better version of you.

How many times have you overlooked your talent and taken it for granted forgetting that it could be the key to all of your desired dreams and success?

These questions got me thinking of the things that I have been missing all along.

The times that I have wasted searching at the wrong places forgetting that all I need to succeed is stored up within me.

Let us be brutally honest, and admit that most of us are guilty of overlooking the gifts and talents that we are already blessed with.

Just like your employer, you can also start your own company and believe me or not it will flourish.  Will it be easy? a walk in the park? certainly not! It will be a journey of patience, resilience, failures, and comebacks.

Hold up, am not a career coach but certainly these are my own opinion

The point of me telling you all these is to inspire you to take bold steps!

Be the Bold type and decide to make bold decisions that will take you to the next level of greatness.

If your like me, and decide to one day run your own company, remember;

You will faile quite a number of times,

But the catch is to not give up, rather learn from your mistakes, keep learning and growing.

Most Importantly, Trust in God in everything you do.

Be the Bold type.


Love and love






Fear is an emotional feeling that makes us afraid of things that are “unknown” or the outcome of a situation that is out of our control. But how can we conquer fear? is it even possible? These are questions that I ask myself when am feeling too afraid of circumstances and situations which am not in control of. But then am reminded of a verse 2 Timothy 1:7 for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control. Meaning that Fear is a state of mind, meaning its possible to choose how to feel about a certain situation at a particular period of time. So can Fear be conquered? YES! you definitely can! for we were not given a Spirit of Fear but of power, Love and self-control. Remember everything comes from God so Fear isn’t one of the things He gave us, so why choose to fear.
Instead, be reminded that
You are filled with;
  • power
  • love and,
  • self-control.